He’s looking way to hot right now, tho.❞

“I’ve learned that home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.” 

❝ It was no ordinary friendship.
We were inseparable, constantly
being separated. I’ve realized,
no matter where you are, or who
you’re with, I will always, truly, 
completely love YOU.              ❞

✿               Indie roleplay blog for the fictional character Rosie Dunne from the novel; Where Rainbows End & soon to come movie adaption of the novel; Love, Rosie.

✿               Varies with age stages & verses. As well as crossovers. 

✿               Main verse is set in Rosie’s graduation year & is knocked up. 

✿               gif icon & gifs & icon friendly. 

✿               One-liners, paragraphs, novella, etc. 

✿               Mun is 18+

✿               You’re always welcome to shoot roleplay ideas at me. I’m very open minded and mostly, always, up to anything. 

✿               If there are things that aren’t clear enough for you; just message me.